Growth Through Trust & Respect

We were founded in 2015 based on a genuine love, admiration, and respect for each and every individual that recognizes the world is not perfect but instead of simply complaining, they offer us with solutions. Despite any odds, obstacles, set-backs, naysayers, or even the many self-imposed limitations each of us may have, it is this special group of people who’ve continuously broken barriers and redefined what even the greatest thinkers thought were possible. It is this group that openly accepts the responsibility of ensuring we as a species and our quality of life are areas that never cease to advance.

Throughout history, these people have been unafraid to unapologetically poke holes, question and continually challenge the status quo consisting of whatever it is that society has become accustom to and accept.

As you may have guessed, the group of people we are speaking of which has contributed so much to what we have today, they are commonly referred to as entrepreneurs.

At 3Si, we recognize just how great their contribution to society really is and we are forever grateful that such people exist. Despite their many accomplishments dating back as far as any one is willing to look, and despite the magnitude their contributions have had on humanity and our overall quality of life, entrepreneurs generally don’t believe or feel as though they are special, gifted or entitled in any way. Entrepreneurs are typically not the types of people who wake up each morning convinced others are inferior to them and should bow down before them when they walk in the room.

You’d be hard pressed to find many examples of entrepreneurs who are rushing to be in the spotlight so they can introduce themselves as an entrepreneur and pontificate on what makes them so special. These just aren’t qualities that entrepreneurs are known to possess.

Yet their lack of self praise when asked to talk about themselves or their disbelief that they are special isn’t meant to mislead or give false testimony. There is some truth in that entrepreneurs are generally everyday people that we enjoy spending time with, and as such, voluntarily invite them to join us when we stop by the local pub for happy hour, our social functions; they are our friends and our family members with whom we enjoy spending time with.

In summary, we are here to serve the many small business entrepreneurs which make our communities what they are.


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