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3Si invests in breakthrough innovations within early-stage ventures that can disrupt markets. We build our portfolio based on compelling people, transformative ideas, significant intellectual property, deep market understanding, and the opportunity for capital efficiency and leverage. 

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Whether you need an interim full-time executive or a shared part-time executive, leverage our network of proven executives to fill any of your C-level needs (e.g., CEO, CMO). Our "on call" interim executives are ready to jump into any immediate roles you need filled. And, our shared executives are designed for companies on a tight budget who desire part-time costs, but long-term expertise and involvement of a proven executive that can help direct/manage the company on a part-time basis.


As an example, you can get an outsourced "20%-time" executive for the affordable cost of around $6,000 per month (depending on the role). This model works best for companies with light workloads in those areas, or needing a person to cost-effectively manage/mentor the junior-level execution team members on staff.


We view “finance” as a strategic component, not just as an administrative function within a company. In fact, 3Si contract executives and interim executives have long histories of integrating financial management into business strategy and execution. 3Si interim executives include world-class CFOs who understand and focus on the strategic implications and the detailed, tactical execution of financial management. 3Si can connect you with the right part-time CFO, interim CFO, interim VP Finance, interim Controller, or part-time Controller within a week.

Interim CFO’s from 3Si fill a gap between the departure of a senior finance/accounting executive and the start date of the new hire.  Part-time CFO’s work for a designated period of time to build and lead the accounting organization in a SMB, or to lead a key financial initiative within larger organizations. Typically, part-time engagements are for 12 months or longer and are 2-4 days per week.

A temporary CFO or temporary controller might work more days per month on your assignment, but for a shorter duration. While the title may be CFO, or VP Finance, or even Director of Accounting, our executives typically report to the CEO, President, the Board, or to another C-level executive.

Through the 3Si network of contract executives we provide the ideal executive to lead your Finance department or a finance initiative, with less risk than a full time hire and less cost than a Big 4 consulting firm. Request an exploratory meeting today.

A partial list of part-time CFO services:

  • Accounting System Selection and Integration

  • Decision-making Indicators (Scorecards and Metrics)

  • Cash Flow Optimization

  • Accounting Best Practices

  • Financial Systems Improvement

  • GAAP, SEC, FAS and Financial Reporting

  • Financial Restructuring and Investment Strategies

  • IPO / Exit Preparation



For an early stage company, forming the right team is critical to future success. Many non tech founders find it challenging to bring on technology leadership early on in their venture due to the inability to vet qualified individuals as well as lacking the resources needed to attract a full time Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Finding the right technical cofounder can take months, even up to a year, during which time the company stalls progress on their product.

To address this need, 3Si offers an interim CTO service designed to act as a bridge for early stage companies to help them reach their next milestone. Much like a law firm providing legal guidance, 3Si provides a vetted team of technology executives to assist companies with their technology strategy.  


This includes the following services:

  • Process Management – Building a technology product without an appropriate strategy is a common mistake for first time entrepreneurs. A qualified CTO can incorporate the Lean Startup Methodology, Agile development practices and other development processes that can save an early stage company significant time and capital.

  • Product Roadmap – Developing a minimum viable product is a delicate balance between minimum and viable. 3Si CTOs provide guidance in choosing the right feature set to help a company validate their product goals in the shortest realistic timeframe.

  • Resource Planning – Who is the most important first engineer hire for your company, a backend engineer or a frontend engineer? When will it make sense to bring on a VP of Engineering? These questions can be answered by an experienced CTO.

  • Toolset Analysis – Is your company automating its operations to the fullest extent? Many organizations substitute technology tools with manual processes which ends up costing the company much more time and capital than if they would start with the right tools in place. 3Si CTOs evaluate the marketing, sales, finance and product functions of an organization to help determine the most productive tools to reduce operational overhead.