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3Si invests in breakthrough innovations within early-stage ventures that can disrupt markets. We build our portfolio based on compelling people, transformative ideas, significant intellectual property, deep market understanding, and the opportunity for capital efficiency and leverage. 

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3Si supports innovative entrepreneurs who are obsessed with building great companies that stand the test of time. We recognize that this is no easy task. As investors our goal is to become an extension of the team and use our resources and experiences to help companies jump to the next level. We are not just a source of capital– we are long-term strategic partners and active investors.


3Si invests in companies that take advantage of the disruption caused by computing infrastructure and business model shifts, such as mobile, cloud and enterprise SaaS.



Our history allows us to be prudent investors in financial services sectors like trading, payments, and structured finance businesses.



Education is in need of an overhaul. 3Si has a strong track record of investing in post-secondary education startups changing the lives of thousands of students.



The innovation driven by the Affordable Care Act makes healthcare ripe for disruption. 3Si is actively investing in solutions that take advantage of new regulations to improve quality of care.