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3Si invests in breakthrough innovations within early-stage ventures that can disrupt markets. We build our portfolio based on compelling people, transformative ideas, significant intellectual property, deep market understanding, and the opportunity for capital efficiency and leverage. 

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Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

February 14, 2019


Most businesses need a start-up capital before they can really get going. However, financing a business or rather finding financing in any economic climate can be quite a hassle. We cannot deny the fact that, in our current state of affairs, securing funds is as tough as ever. 


Actually, any and every business does not get funding. Statistics cite less than 1% of startups receive VC funding! Keep in mind that VCs and banks are not to be confused. 

What businesses a bank would fund, most VCs won't! Contrary too is true! What businesses a VC would fund, a bank would shy away from. 

VCs fund only the businesses with hyperbolic growth potential, and not the routine, linear-growing businesses. 

So the Idea and the Hyperbolic-Growth-Potential, are the ones that get funded! Of course, the days of "Presenting such an idea in an attractive PowerPoint Presentation and getting the funding", are gone. 

Now, the idea has to be Implemented / Executed and the Initial-Traction has to be demonstrated, to be able to extrapolate the hyperbolic growth. Then, and only then, one might get the funding. 


If you have any questions about raising startup capital or just want to learn more about us, you can visit www.3SiHoldings.com/book-online and select a time that works for you.  

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